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Why fasting?

November 1, 2011

I born and brought up in Hindu family. People doing fasting is not something uncommon to me. There is fast for every occasion. Many people do fasting on these occasions. But when asked why they are doing fasting most of them are not aware of benefit of fasting. Most do fasting to please god or due to tradition. I always wanted to know true meaning of fasting and benefits of correct fasting. Many people gave me many reason but I did not buy any until, I came to know about true meaning of fasting through Kriya Yoga.

In fact to understand true meaning of fasting you need to grasp some more terminology. One need to understand Prana. Prana is life force which keeps us alive. It can be compared with current flowing through blub. More current flow means more light.

Next concept to understand is Kundilini Shakti. Human are made up of physical and metaphysical bodies. There are thousands of energy centers throughout human body. But there are seven major energy centers which forms human personality. These energy centers helps for prana flow  and keep us alive. The more active or pure these energy centers, more energy or life force can flow these.  More pure human body and mind more energy can flow these centers.

These day our food is turning into poison day by day. Farmers have been putting lot of pesticide into fields since last many decades. Now there is poison everywhere. In milk in vegetables in meat, in water. We keep on gathering these toxins in our body. Best way is use organic fresh food.

Now fasting coupled with drinking lot of water allows body to drain these toxins from the body and keep the body physically and spiritually fit. Enabling the more flow of parana. Which means more fit body and mind and spirit.

Hope it is clear to you now.!!!

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