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Medicare in USA

November 30, 2011

Medicare is very costly affair in USA. When I started to dig the cause of this, I was surprised how such an intelligent nation is made fool by medical insurance companies. All in and out of medical care is controlled by medical insurance companies in USA. I am amazed how people are not able to recognize simple fact that middle man and unnecessary management overhead creates costs and results in poor and inefficient services. At the end these companies does not generate money from their pockets. All the money is collected from people all over the USA and then this money is used to pay the medicare of ill people. In effect healthy people are taxed and ill people are supported. Thus illness is encouraged at the expense of healthy people.

When I sit back and think about it, I get surprised why people are not able to recognize this simple math? and in a country which houses the most intelligent people of this planet.

These companies are able to pay huge sum for medicare (which  appears but not true as only 10% of people really use more then what they pay to their insurance companies) to create artificial more cost for medicare so that no one can escape their net. Having said all these how to fix this ?  Today nations require real jobs, not monkey business like creating medical insurance companies whose whole purpose is just earn money by sitting between the consumer and the service creator.

There is a need to create more number of doctors every year, if we are not able to create then import them from somewhere else. Then cost of medical will fall automatically. Encourage  people to deal with doctor directly and create fund to help people if cost of medical goes beyond certain limit.

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