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Security in Microsoft Cloud.

January 29, 2012

Apart from MS security information few things comes into my mind as soon I hear security concerns

1)      One analogy always comes into my mind. The analogy of when bank would have come into existence first time people would have same apprehension at that point of time.  People were used to keep all their money at home and many times thieves would come and steal that money. Many time people would dig hole and put that money and forget it, again it is lost. Thinking money( data) is more safe when it is with them. But then bank came who had batter infrastructure with them to handle this money. Today we never keep money at home (unless it is back money J ) .

2)      One more analogy  Microsoft does not know real value of your data, this can be an advantage also! I will take example of UBS. The person working for UBS knows what is true value of data, so he can strike at right data with good precision. As opposed to the guy who is setting in Microsoft data center. It is similar to a poor farmer who got diamonds in his fields but he cannot take advantage of it as he does not know true value of it.

3)      Apart from compliance reason (Might mandates locality of data  ). Not knowing where data is lying physically can be advantage. In case of security breach at MS datacenter. The hacker would not know which data he have hacked.

It will not be long when people will put all these these concern behind and use the true potential of the cloud computing.

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