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Global Citizen Exchange

March 28, 2012

This idea is coming into my mind from the past many days so I thought of dumping it here. We should have Global citizen exchange forum where every country can register and if two citizen meet the specified criteria they can mutually exchange their country. But why is that required ?

Actually this could be great help in human race.  Firstly to become wise one have to have varied experience in life including working in different countries. Living among different cultures, different time zones, climates. These days visa and other strict border rules have made it impossible for people to move across borders.

Secondly slowly due to this every country will have mix of people from different countries, religion background skills temperament. This will make human race truly global. People will be able to see and understand each other’s view point much better way.

Thirdly, let say country A have lot of medical doctors and country B have lot of managers this will help in talent getting distributed across the globe thus making is better place for living. This is just tip of iceberg there could be thousands of other benefit of having these kind of organization.

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