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Tree worth – $40

May 4, 2012

More I move around more I am amused everyday here in dreamland. Today I saw, there were tags on the trees everywhere quoting this tree give worth $40 benefits. Suddenly my mind circuitry spin into action and stated thinking what formula might have applied to come on this figure. There were all sorts of tree some small, some big but all were carrying same tag moreover none was fruit tree, so the equation soon turned beyond my comprehension.

Soon I realized underlying principle behind these tags. In software there is very popular principle called dependency inversion principle. Which have changed how we write software. Similar principle also in action here I would call it “Human Value inversion principle”. Which is this case is having greed and stinginess instead of love and compassion. Capitalism in its full actions, which have changed the way people think everything in terms of money in a country which is wealthiest of world . How would one calculate the oxygen given by that tree is only oxygen available for breathing once finish one is going to die. No money can give that oxygen no matter how much money you stack, Cost is just beyond money. Wild thoughts are coming into my mind soon there will ad get married with prospective wife with having tag of worth $xxx benefits. I guess time for all of us stop a bit to take a deep breath, access the current situation and see where we are headed…

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