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My first hands on cloud foundary

May 23, 2012

I have been shifting my focus on cloud and related technologies recently and aspiring to become all-rounder in cloud technologies. I have already explored a lot about windows azure and completed two real project on windows azure. So next stop for me to explore cloud foundry which is open source cloud technology pioneered by VMware. Being leader in virtualization which is one of underpinning technology in cloud computing and I am expecting cloud foundry to be really great platform for open source cloud developers. So I started with installing vmware player on my ubuntu 3.2.0-24-generic guest os on my windows box.

after installing vmware player 4.0.3 I was not able to launch it. I was getting error as described
I downloaded the script as suggested by above link but i was failing due the reason that it was made for 4.0.2
but when i open the script and changed the version as below i worked like charm and i was able to proceed.

Stay tuned I will keep learning and posting interesting stuff on cloud foundry.

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