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How to configure lyx to include plant uml diagrams

January 22, 2014

Lyx is awesome tool to set up framework to creating professional document. But it is bit hard to get started. Recently I wanted to include plantuml sequence diagrams into the mater lyx document. Plantuml allows us  to create nice diagram just by using text commands.

Below are steps to include these text file into the lyx tool and it will automatically show these as diagram while loading the document. User need to configure new document type and corresponding converter to generate graphic on the fly.

1) configure the file format.

2014-01-22 14_31_10-LyX_ Preferences

2) Add the corresponding converter.

2014-01-22 14_34_14-LyX_ Preferences

Please note that plantuml.bat is batch file  which is copied as below.

c:\progra~1\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin\java.exe -jar <path to >plantuml.jar %*

Once these are correctly setup. User can include the file using include graphic lyx menu.

That’s all you need to include plantuml file into lyx doc.


Update: Recently I wanted to export the PLANTUML diagram in the pdf file. Following steps worked fine for me.

1) Add plantuml file format as above

2) Configure a converter as above

plantuml – > eps

This should work and you should have plantuml diagram into your pdf file.



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  1. Julien Fernandez permalink

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the tip. I have an issue so.

    From here :

    I get this :

    Anyway to solve this ?

    • Can you explain step by step what are you doing which conversion are you using ? It appears your generated image is out of bound. try reducing the size in the graphic settings.

  2. Julien Fernandez permalink


    Thank for your quick answer.
    It is me first steps with Lyx.
    I inserted a new .dot file, which rendered as the graph you see.
    The parameters for the image are set to “Automatic” :
    I exported the file as pdf with PDF(LuaTex)
    No other settings or tweaking.

    Thanks for your help

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