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How I cured my acid reflux / gerd naturally.

February 7, 2015

I used  to get heart burn and acid reflux sometimes since my childhood. But it became regular last year and since last few months it become daily. I could not sleep in night. I used to get up and have fenugreek seeds to  get me relief but that was not helping me to cure the acid reflux permanently. I went to doctor and he suggested my pills may for life long . But I did not wanted to take pills. I never did in my past. I wanted to cure this naturally. Here are some of the things which worked for me and I am able to cure this diseases.

  • Raw Honey : – I searched the youtube and found this video which suggested RAW HONEY as miracle food for curing acid reflux. This video really helped me
  • Sea Weed capsules: – Some one suggested sea weed capsules and they really worked miracle for me. I took these before meal. You can buy them here
  • Drink 4 glass of water once you get from bed: This will clean of all the extra acidity from the night.
  • Exercise : Do regular exercise. Make sure you are sweeting while you do your exercise. Because that remove lot of toxicity from you body.
  • Eat lot of leafy green : Eat leafy green salad during your meals, this really help in reducing the acidity.
  • Eat chyawanprash : This is natural supplement made in India can be found on indian shops easily.
  • Apple cider vinegar : Although acidic but works wonder to give immediate relief from acidity

Once I applied all these for one month I don’t get acidity anymore. Hoping that this will help many to avoid going to doctor and taking any pills or surgery for gerd and avoid unnecessary medical costs.



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